'Sure and Certain' Music Video

Excited to share our brand new video for 'Sure and Certain' directed by Flynt Flossy.

We first heard about Turquoise Jeep Records and Flynt Flossy from their "Lemme Smang It" video. And at first we sort of didn't know what to make of it. It rides the line between all kinds of takeaways, but you can't say it isn't catchy and engaging. There is an honesty to what they do that is endearing and inspiring.

The idea behind the song "Sure and Certain" is that your path on the way to your goals is going to be challenged. And at some point you need to come to acceptance with the journey being the reward itself. We asked Flossy to help us out with our video for "Sure and Certain" because the idea of dance as the context for that journey came up. And you can tell from the jeep vids for "Did I mention I like to dance" and "flow with the floss" show how dedicated he is to his craft.