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The limited edition two-LP (Exotic Location Recordings) set was recorded live at the Icehouse art studio and warehouse in 2021 will now be available for the first time on vinyl. The two- LPs are pressed on translucent sun-kissed colored vinyl and the gatefold package includes never before seen photos by Steve Thrasher and personal notes from each band member.

This Phoenix Session of Clarity is our best attempt to play the album faithfully as who we are today. I would like to think we’ve learned a thing or two over since 1999. We’re grateful for the opportunity to document where the songs are now. And, thanks for coming along with us for the ride.

How we play songs evolves over time. One person adds an embellishment and then the next night someone else picks up on it and adds their thing with it. It becomes more or less cannon. The music from Clarity has had a couple decades of drifting around. Never getting into something we would describe as experimental. But definitely less representative of what we recorded back in 1998-ish. We were pretty sure we’d never have the resources to record “for real” again, so we threw everything we could think of into the recording of those songs.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Clarity!

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